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How To Take Your Photos

Lets See Your Hair


To make sure we can use the photos you send in, please follow these simple steps for taking your picture.

Use these steps when taking both before and after photos. Make sure your before photo is taken before you start using the Follicare System. Take your after photos once you feel youve seen hair growth.  It’s that easy! We will need at least one before and one after photo. If you already have “before” photos, feel free to use them as long as they are not dark or blurry.

Its Quick and Easy.

Step 1

Choose at least one of the following angles: looking directly at the camera with your head tilted slightly forward, the top of your head from directly above, or the back of your head as someone standing behind you might see it.

Step 2

Make sure that the photos show where you lack the most hair (before) and where you have experienced the most growth (after).

Step 3

Date each photo. Include the date of the photos in your story, or in the photo filename (i.e. Jane Smith June 2006.jpg).

Its that easy. Show us your growth!