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They Grew Hair: So Can You

Before and After Follicare

From Pete S. in North Carolina
“Having seen my father lose his hair in his thirties had concerned me even in my teens. In my twenties, I tried various products, none of which ever showed any results. After an online search, done in my thirties, yielded more information on Follicare, I figured it was worth giving hair restoration another try. I’m very happy that I did! Within 3 months I saw noticeable new growth, and within 6 months people where asking me what I had done. I am now 45 and have been using Follicare for about 8 years. Follicare continues to maintain my full head of hair! This product is also VERY easy to use. I simply use the shampoo once a day and then apply the solution. It takes no more time than getting ready with regular hair care products. Most importantly, IT WORKS!”

From Mike C. in Maryland
“Follicare is really starting to work for me, I’m in my 7th week and very happy so far. I just wanted to let u know. I really hope Follicare is here to stay.”

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