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The Follicare System

Feel Great About Your Hair

As you know, hair loss is not caused by one factor alone.

There are different types of hair loss and your hair loss is unique. This can make it very difficult to find a product that will work for you. When you use the Follicare® System, you are addressing all the major causes of hair loss. When you use the Follicare system, you are joining a huge group of satisfied Follicare users who look and feel great because they got their hair back using the four part Follicare system.

The Follicare® system has four different components

Revitalizing Foaming Topical - Fortifying Shampoo - Targeted Nutritional Supplement - FDA Approved Minoxidil

Follicare Revitalizing Foaming Topical
Follicare Fortifying Shampoo
Follicare Targeted Nutritional Supplement
FDA Approved Minoxidil

Each component targets a different cause of hair loss which helps you achieve your hair growth goals.

1) Follicare® Revitalizing Foaming Topical

Follicare® Revitalizing Topical Foam delivers 8 different technologies which target known hair killers like DHT, reduced blood flow, free radicals, and 5a-reductase. The Topical formula helps support and strengthen the natural bonding of your hair to your scalp and takes only seconds to apply. These technologies combine to deliver the necessary nutrients to the hair and scalp to help promote new hair growth and reduce hair loss.

2) Follicare® Fortifying Shampoo

Follicare® Fortifying Shampoo is specially formulated to deep clean, soothe and protect. It provides keratin proteins, an essential building block for healthy hair and scalp. Used daily, it can help deep clean your scalp by removing pore-clogging sebum, which can cause inflammation and grow bacteria, protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce color fading. It also fortifies and strengthens your hair while soothing and moisturizing your scalp. Follicare Fortifying shampoo not only helps promote new growth, it also keeps your current hair from becoming brittle and breaking. It keeps hair strong and healthy so that your hair looks and feels better immediately.

3) Follicare® Targeted Nutritional Supplement

While Follicare®’s other products are helping your hair from the outside, the Follicare® Targeted Nutritional Supplement is working from the inside.

It delivers a complete micronutrient complex to maintain healthy hair and stimulate follicle growth. The Follicare Targeted Nutritional Supplement contains critical ingredients that help your body block the production of follicle-harming DHT. It also delivers several key vitamins and minerals that are needed to grow healthy, thick hair such as biotin, zinc, copper, folic acid, niacin, and vitamins B5 and B6.

4) FDA Approved Minoxidil-5% Extra Strength for Men or 2% for Women

This was the first product to be approved by the FDA to reduce hair loss and re-grow hair and the dosage in Follicare is the maximum strength allowed by law.

It is the same formulation sold at a higher price by larger pharmaceutical companies. Minoxidil helps stimulate blood flow and also works through other mechanisms. By using the Follicare System, you are giving yourself the best chance to re grow your hair because you are targeting the many different reasons for thinning hair. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, why would you choose anything else?

Hair loss doesn’t have to happen to you.

The sooner you start Follicare, the sooner you can get your hair back.

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