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Why Follicare Works

Why Follicare

Follicare® is a unique, patented solution that attacks the major
causes of hair loss from both inside and out.

Scroll down to find out how Follicare® was designed to reduce hair loss and help re-grow hair:


Follicare Stimulates Blood Flow

Follicare® Stimulates Blood Flow to the Scalp

To get blood moving in the right places, Follicare® uses several different ingredients.  One of the most potent is 5% Extra Strength Minoxidil.  This was the first substance approved by the FDA to grow hair and the dosage in Follicare is the maximum strength allowed by law.

Many research studies have shown minoxidil increases blood flow in the scalp. For example, research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco found that 5% Minoxodil increased scalp blood flow by 200% within 15 minutes of application (the effect lasted for an hour). Other research has indicated that minoxodil also may promote hair growth by stimulating production of proteins in cells – but this hasn’t been proven definitively. About 40%-50% of those using 5% minoxidil alone experience some hair growth benefit.

But for most men and women, 5% minoxidil alone is not enough because it only targets one cause of hair loss. And many of those who get a benefit only grow “peach fuzz”, not the thick, healthy hair you can grow with The Follicare System, which provides you with an arsenal of natural ingredients to help your hair.

In order to further stimulate blood flow, Follicare’s Topical Spray contains Mentha Piperita (peppermint leaf extract) as well as Niacin and Capsaicin to increase follicle nourishment. The Follicare® Targeted Nutritional Supplement contains Ginkgo Biloba extract which has been shown to improve blood flow and is used to improve blood flow in patients with heart disease and glaucoma. To support the 5% Minoxodil, benzyl nicotinate and ginkgo biloba, Follicare® is formulated with a number of other natural vasodilators, proven to help stimulate blood flow including Niacin.



Follicare® Helps Reduce the Production of DHT Follicare Helps Reduce the Production of DHTand its Binding to Hair Follicles

Follicare® is formulated with numerous natural compounds that have been clinically shown to reduce harmful DHT in your body. They all work a little differently, which gives you several ways to stop DHT from shrinking your hair follicles. Once you stop the DHT, you can start the growing process. Here is how:

Saw Palmetto

The first line of defense is saw palmetto extract, which Follicare® provides both topically and for ingestion in a nutritional supplement.  Saw palmetto is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols that block the formation of DHT. By keeping DHT from forming, you are inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpa reductase (5-AR). It is critical to inhibit 5-AR because it is needed to convert testosterone to DHT.

A nice feature of saw palmetto is it blocks the two types of 5-AR – simply called Type-1 and Type-2.  Both types of 5-AR can be found lurking near hair follicles (whereas the prostate gland, also susceptible to damage by DHT, contains only Type-2).

To test the effectiveness of saw palmetto on hair loss, researchers at the University of Naples in Italy conducted a clinical study on 34 men and 28 women.  After three months, they found that users of saw palmetto both topically and as a nutritional supplement on average had a 35% hair increase (measured both in number of hairs and hair mass).  The group using saw palmetto just topically recorded a 20% hair increase after three months. The placebo group, using products containing no saw palmetto, had no results.

Similarly, another study published in the Journal of Complementary Medicine showed that saw palmetto use (combined with beta sitosterol, also part of Follicare®) grew hair on 60% of participants over three months.

Prunis Africans (Pygeum) Extract

This extract also inhibits production of 5-AR. In one study, extracts of pygeum and nettle root (Also in the Topical) partially blocked the action of two enzymes, aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase, that are involved in the production of estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, respectively. Pygeum showed much higher efficacy at lower doses than did nettle root, but the combination of both herbs was significantly more effective than either alone in blocking the aromatase enzyme.

Beta Sitosterol

Beta sitosterol is a “phytosterol” or plant fat that has many benefits to your body, such as helping to decrease bad cholesterol levels.  It also has been shown to reduce the effects of DHT.  Researchers at the University of Rome found that beta sitosterol lowers DHT by reducing the binding of DHT to tissue receptors, as opposed to inhibiting DHT’s production.  This makes it a good complement to saw palmetto and other ingredients in Follicare®.


Follicare® also contains zinc and zinc PCA, which blocks DHT by inhibiting 5-AR. In clinical testing, zinc PCA reduced the activity of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase by up to 65%. This was evidenced by researchers in the United Kingdom. They performed a clinical study on subjects who had a zinc deficiency and were experiencing hair loss. In the study, 100% of the subjects were able to reverse their hair loss by taking a zinc nutritional supplement.


Follicare Provides Key Nutrients

Follicare® Provides Key Nutrients You NEED to Grow Healthy Hair

You just read how important the mineral zinc can be to your hair growth, being deficient in other key nutrients can be just as damaging.  For example, if you are not getting enough protein, your body will “conserve” protein by shifting hairs from the “growing” phase to the “resting” phase.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this can result in hair loss after two to three months.

Key B Vitamins

Another key nutrient is the B vitamin biotin – it is an essential part your natural hair growing process. Biotin is required to metabolize amino acids and proteins needed to grow healthy hair. Biotin helps thicken the hair shaft resulting in hair with a fuller appearance. It also increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex, reducing hair breakage.

Follicare® also contains other B vitamins needed to grow healthy hair such as niacin, folic acid, vitamin B5 (panthothenic acid) and vitamin B6. These vitamins are necessary to ensure the hair follicles get a constant supply of blood and oxygen. A deficiency of these vitamins can lead to increased hair loss, damaged hair or slow re growth. In particular, folic acid is required for new cells to grow in the hair follicle.

Key Minerals

Iodine and copper are two other trace minerals you need to grow hair naturally – and reduce hair loss. Iodine helps to prevent hair from drying out. Copper helps prevent defects in hair structure and works to provide hair color. Of course, these critical minerals are found in the Follicare® Nutritional Supplement.



Follicare® Tackles Oil Build-up, ScalpFollicare Tackles Oil Build-up Inflammation and Harmful Free Radicals

Anyone suffering from hair loss must cleanse their scalp every day to remove DHT containing scalp oils, dead skin cells and hair-care product residues.  In addition to clogging pores and follicles, bacteria thrive on these deposits, further damaging your scalp health and causing inflammation.

Follicare®’s shampoo is formulated with deep cleansing ingredients that remove the bad stuff without stripping your hair of necessary oils.  To replace removed sebum oil (which helps keep your hair moisturized) the Follicare® shampoo and topical foam is fortified with Jojoba Oil which is gives you all the benefits of your scalp’s natural oils with none of the buildup. To keep your scalp healthier and moisturized, the shampoo also has moisturizing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Rosemary. These unique and botanical extracts all serve to get your hair looking better immediately so you don’t have to wait for results. .

Follicare® Topical Foam and Shampoo also contains Keratin Proteins. In order to feel great about your hair sooner, you need to focus on growing hair and also enhancing existing hair. Keratin Proteins help your current hair look and feel stronger and healthier than ever before. They have been proven to aid in reducing hair loss and supporting healthy hair growth.

To reduce scalp inflammation, the shampoo contains Aloe Vera.  A study conducted by Dr. Robert Davis showed that Aloe vera applied topically can reduce skin inflammation up to 47%.  Plus, the amino acids in Aloe vera provide building blocks for keratin, the principal protein in hair (a healthy hair is almost 90% protein).

Your body’s natural defense against damaging “pro-oxidant” free radicals is antioxidants.  Follicare® is formulated with numerous antioxidants that squash free radicals from the inside and outside.


Follicare® Helps Strengthen the Bond Between Hair and Scalp

One of the key goals for anyone trying to stop their hair loss and re grow their hair should be to strengthen the bond between the hair follicle and the scalp and encouraging collagen growth. Follicare does this by providing you with Peptides which not only stimulates scalp repair, but also encourages collagen growth.

Collagen is a protein and most people associate collagen with skin. While it is true that collagen is the support structure for skin, giving skin its resilience. Collagen is also a very important protein for our whole body because it holds our joints, skin and hair together. Your hair is connected to the scalp through the strength and stability of bonds at the base of where the follicle attaches to the scalp. In the case of hair care, when you restore lost collagen to the hair shaft you are able to improve hair growth by up to 36%, strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs. This is very important for hair loss and thinning hair because the increased diameter of the individual hairs gives an overall fuller hair appearance. By having Peptides, you are able to make hair look better and increase the connectivity of hair and scalp and as you just read, the stronger the bond, the less likely that hair will fall out.


Hair loss doesn’t have to happen to you. 

The sooner you start Follicare, the sooner you can get your hair back.

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